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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

yummy stuff

Hey everyone! So I'm putting this post up for some of the girls that frequent my fashion blog. They were inquiring after some healthy recipe ideas so I thought I would start posting some up over here. :)

Before I dive into the recipes, I want to say first that they are all incredibly easy. The main thing that I've learned is that you can still eat the same things, but you just need to learn to substitute the important stuff. Every little bit will make a difference. Instead of white rice, use brown rice or couscous, instead of regular pasta use whole wheat or multi grain, instead of butter use some olive oil, instead of cheddar cheese use some low fat ricotta, and instead of white bread use rye or wheat. and of course always go with the low sodium options! Just a few pointers. There are great low fat substitutes you can learn for most everything. :)

This week I have been craving fish, so two of these recipes are sea food centric, but I promise there will be others without for the next post. I know not everyone loves this stuff, but I have found a real passion for it. It is so de-lish, so low in cal, and just over all so good for you. The omega oils work for your hair, and your skin, and its better than eating a giant chunk of red meat.

The first dinner dish we have here is teriyaki grilled salmon topped with pan seared green peppers, red peppers, and onions with a broccoli and spinach salad on the side.

super easy ladies. before you head off to work for the day, grab your two 6 ounce pieces of salmon (mine are from safeway), and put them into some zip locks and add some soy sauce and some low sodium teriyaki sauce and toss them in the fridge to marinate for the day. If you only have an hour that will work, but the flavor is better the longer you can leave them in there. When your ready to cook, grab your grill (mine is a George Foreman yay!) and toss the salmon on there, skin side up. Add some more soy sauce as you are grilling, and toss on some seasoning. I use Mrs. Dash (low sodium and found at all grocery stores).

While that is cooking grab your veggies ( carrots, broccoli, and peas.... I use the frozen kind for this recipe, so easy ) and put them in the pot to boil. Usually its about 3 cups of water for the bag of veggies, and it takes about 20 minutes at a medium boil for them to be soft. While that is working, grab your spinach and toss it in the salad bowl, and add your choice of dressing ( I go for the low fat, low carb honey soy from eating right). The salmon should be ready to flip after about 10 minutes. Go ahead and flip, and add a little more soy sauce. For the last 10 minutes while the salmon cooks, head over to the stove and heat up a skillet or pan. drizzle a little olive oil on it while it warms. Go ahead and chop your onion, green pepper, and red pepper and toss onto the pan. Let saute for about 5 minutes.

Your salmon should be ready to go, so grab it and put it on your plate. Then drain your veggies and toss them into your salad. Once the onions and crew are ready toss them on top of your salmon, and you are ready to dig in! yum! The whole ordeal takes about 30 minutes to prepare. not bad!

This one is even easier. This is one of my favorite lunch recipes, and I recently shared it with Christen the other day and she loved it as well! These are mini pesto pizzas. but how can pizza be healthy? well, have a look...

The first step is deciding what you would like to use for your dough. I go back and forth between two very healthy options. The first (seen above) is low carb pita bread. It comes in packs of 10, and has only 50 calories per pita! score! The second if you are a mushroom lover, is to use the large mushroom caps. so yummy and also a legitimate choice.

So you take your pita bread or mushroom cap and place it on a cookie sheet and set your oven to 415. Sprinkle a dab of low fat pesto onto the bread and spread around. I then add some fresh sliced up tomatoes, and my choice of toppings which include chopped mushrooms, onions, spinach, and a tiny bit of prosciutto. Top with some fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheese, not too much though! Toss in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes and your good to go. So de-lish!

Here is a favorite snack of mine at the moment. very simple. I take a flavor of yoplait low fat yogurt (below are raspberry and lemon) and add a spoonful of sugar free jello pudding, and top with the fruit of the day! Here I used pineapple, but strawberries, banana, and mango also work. Did you know that pineapple (like celery) is a negative calorie food? It takes our bodies more energy to digest it, so we are burning calories! But, we still have to watch it, because it is high in sugar. :) and another fun thing to add here is some granola, but I was all out that day. sad megan face.

ok, so one final recipe for the night. another sea food one. Here I give you spicy sauteed scallops over oven baked veggies and Thai noodles.

First you are going to get your pan ready by warming it up to a medium temp and adding some olive oil. Toss the baby scallops on, and then add some seasoning. For my scallops I use taco seasoning! You can grab the little packets at safeway, and they are great for adding that spicy flavor. I also topped these with a little soy sauce to give them that extra oomph. these should only take about 15 minutes to cook, just keep an eye on them and make sure to stir them frequently.

For my veggies, I learned this little trick from my mom and its the best. So now I will share it with you. :)

I don't know why but this way of cooking them makes them taste 100 percent better. I can't figure it out, but I know I down them like they are going out of style. You would think I was eating chocolate chip cookies and not veggies. fersure.

Set your oven at 400 and grab your cookie sheets. For mine, I use my cupcake sheets. I like to section off the veggies so that they can cook better this way. Pour a little olive oil on the top of them and throw on some salt and pepper. Toss in the oven for 10 minutes. Each oven is different, so check them to make sure they are looking crispy before you take them out. You will love them. You are getting a personal Megan guarantee!

While all this is happening, grab your past pot and add a few cups of water, and add some multi grain Thai noodles. I found mine at Safeway, of course, in the same aisle as the pasta. Let them boil until soft.

Once everything is ready, put the noodles, veggies, and scallops in a bowl and mix together for a delicious meal.

I hope I have given you some good ideas, and I have TONS more! Let me know if you like these ones, and if you would like some other ones next week!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cubbie Blue

Dog days of Summer

The girls and I headed to San Diego this week for the Cubs and the Padres series. Unfortunately the Cubs didn't do that well but my family and I had a blast taking the girls to Dog Beach! They had such a good time and it was nice to be back in California and hanging out by the ocean for the day :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

desert sky

Logan and I went for a drive up in the foothills last night. still too hot to get out and hike, but hopefully in the coming months we will be able to as it cools off. The desert here is just beautiful. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reid Dog park

Some shots of the girls making new friends in Tucson. It was a really rainy day here. We are right in the middle of monsoon season and get some really crazy storms. It almost reminds me of spring back in the mid west with all the thunderstorms. Anyways, the girls had a blast and I met some more people from Chicago! That is 3 in the past 2 days. Go cubs fans! So here they are... Crash is a little muddy since she of course found a giant mud puddle and proceeded to lay down and roll around in it. Yep, that sounds about right doesn't it?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pics of the new place

Some shots of the work in progress that is our new studio! xoxo the wolf pack

Welcome to the adventures of the Wolf pack!

Welcome! So I just thought that it might be a good idea to start a blog so that everyone back home can keep up with what the Wolf family is up to down in Tucson! For those who don't know, we have OFFICIALLY made the move and all four of us are here together. Finally!

This is the first time we have all been together since January and we are adjusting to living under the same roof again. We are going from a pretty good sized house to a studio apartment with no yard. Which makes for some frustrated dogs! But we are getting there! I'm (Megan) almost done decorating the place and will have some pictures up soon.

As far as Tucson, we haven't gotten the chance to get out quite yet. We have found a GREAT sushi place right on Congress (the downtown strip) called "on a roll". And there are some super fun thrift stores around here! Its been too hot to go running or do much outside (110 the other day! is that even possible?!), but hopefully we can get to the pool that is right in our condo complex soon. We have meet some of our neighbors and they seem pretty nice except for the lady that yelled at us on move in day, but I digress.

Hopefully I can get Logan on here later to give a little update about how he is LOVING his job! :) for now, the girls and I are off for our first experience at a the dog park.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Wolf pack... Logan, Megan, Crash, and Nicky

love to all of you :)

please comment and let us know how you are all doing!!

p.s. also here is our new address

1001 east 17th street
apartment 106
Tucson Az 85719